Saturday, July 29, 2006

Scarlett Johansson admits to getting...

Scarlett Johansson admits to getting a lap dance from a stripper and she lost out on a part in the London stage revival of 'The Sound of Music' supposedly because of some outlandish Hollywood demands that were made by the actress.

The Bosh is reporting that Johansson told David Letterman on “Late Night,” "When I was 20 we went to Disneyland, but for this one my brother wanted to go to a strip club, so we went there." The actress blamed her “horrible” time on the stripper’s physique. "I had this very tall girl. She was quite manic and strange,” Scarlett said. "So she's kind of gyrating into me but she was so thin that her pelvic or hip bone, or some kind of bone, bruised me. It was horrible!"

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