Saturday, July 29, 2006

Scarlett Johansson admits to getting...

Scarlett Johansson admits to getting a lap dance from a stripper and she lost out on a part in the London stage revival of 'The Sound of Music' supposedly because of some outlandish Hollywood demands that were made by the actress.

The Bosh is reporting that Johansson told David Letterman on “Late Night,” "When I was 20 we went to Disneyland, but for this one my brother wanted to go to a strip club, so we went there." The actress blamed her “horrible” time on the stripper’s physique. "I had this very tall girl. She was quite manic and strange,” Scarlett said. "So she's kind of gyrating into me but she was so thin that her pelvic or hip bone, or some kind of bone, bruised me. It was horrible!"

Monday, July 17, 2006

Caterina Murino

BOND is back with a bang - and he's meaner and moodier than ever.

The explosive trailer for Casino Royale is packed with high octane stunts, pulse-quickening babes and lethal bad guys.

But Daniel Craig's Bond, full of brooding menace, has killed off the gadgets and wise cracks of the last incarnations.

Casino Royale was Ian Fleming's first Bond book and the film takes the MI6 secret agent back to when he is awarded his 00 status. While neutralising Russian spies in the Bahamas, 007 finds time to flirt with Bond girls Caterina Murino and Eva Green.

The film, which opens on November 17, is expected to give clues to the origins of his passions for guns and gambling - and brings Bond bang up to date.


Actor DANIEL CRAIG's upcoming turn as JAMES BOND in CASINO ROYALE will prove his critics wrong, according to his co-star CATERINA MURINO. Murino, who plays love interest SOLANGE in the new movie, is convinced Craig makes a wonderful Bond and will make a lasting impression on audiences when Casino Royale is released in November (06). The Italian actress says, "He's a great actor. Casino Royale is the first book IAN FLEMING wrote and it means we see how James Bond became James Bond. "Daniel is giving to this James Bond something else we never saw before. "When he's going to kill someone, he looks like a real killer, when he kisses me, when he makes love, he's so sexy. You never saw a James Bond like this. "This James Bond doesn't look like a little cartoon like before, like the last one, or so charming and playful like the first James Bond. This is new."


Welsh singer CHARLOTTE CHURCH is set to outrage viewers with her new TV show, in which she dresses up as a drug and alcohol abusing nun. The 20-year-old filmed the pilot for a proposed series to be screened on British network Channel 4 last week (ends14JUL06). Church shocked the studio audience when, wearing a nun's outfit, she ate communion wafers printed with Ecstasy smiley faces, before pretending to hallucinate. She then smashed a statue of the Virgin Mary to reveal a can of cider inside. Elsewhere during the filming of the pilot, Church slammed KEIRA KNIGHTLEY as a "scrawny bird", called POPE BENEDICT XVI a "Nazi", and described VICTORIA BECKHAM as "thick as two short planks".

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